The Ultimate Daisy Page


Here's a little bit about me.
I'm Nicolette, born in januari 1968 in Holland. (that's where I still live although in another city)

This is me back in 1973, guess who was my favourite tv character back in the '70s......

The first time I met Daisy was just a month before my 6th birthday, St. Nicolas 1973.
It was on the 5th of december, when both of my big sisters got Peppermint Rock as a present that evening and I got my first Daisy doll too, only it was Honey Bun.

This is not my childhood doll, but a girlie I bought later on.
I must admit I was really a bit envious at my sisters as their Daisy's had those cool sunglasses.
So, I begged my mum for sunglasses too.
I think I did get Brighton Belle at a certain moment, but the sunglasses died long before the swimsuit was completely worn out.
Not much of my Daisy outfits survived the hours of playing.
I can still recall trying to really play with the record player, which ended up with a broken record player.
I always loved to try to set up scenes for my Daisy's, just like in the booklets.
When I was 8 years old I bought my second Daisy doll wearing Tiddlywinks.
I had some wooden furniture for my dolls that survived it all.

These are my childhood dolls and the way I used to play with my girls:

As you can see my Honey Bun (wearing sunstroke and orange sunday) is wearing a kind of wig.(also back from the '70s)
My Tiddlywinks (wearing able seaman) survived my play much better.
I have almost always had my Daisy dolls on display, even when I met my husband.
When we got married and moved house in 1999, my Daisy's got carefully packed away in a box and stored at the attic.
It was september 2004 when I got up the attic to see if there was anything up there that I could somehow get rid off, as I was expecting my 3rd daugther back then and I really needed to make room.
And there they were; my dearly beloved Daisy dolls !!!
I took them downstairs and played with them for the rest of the day.
Curiously I searched on the dutch auctionsites for anything Daisy, so I guess that's where I started collecting Daisy.
6 years onwards I need to admit that it really wasn't the way to make room, LOL! But collecting Daisy is so addictive and so much fun that I can't regret it.
In those years I have made some lovely friends amongst fellow Daisy collectors and even met a couple of them.

My all time favourite music group:


These were the albums we had when I was a kid.

My favourite writer was Enid Blyton. I still have the complete famous five serie, and the sullivan twins.
My sisters had 2 other series. (which I had to read too of course)


This is a picture of me when I was 12 years old. I was in hospital as I had my tonsils out.